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Training and Services Manager - Elaine de Mello

Elaine de Mello, LICSW
Supervisor of Training & Prevention Services

Elaine de MelloElaine has been instrumental in the development of the Connect materials and implementation of the Connect Project in diverse settings and has been offering suicide prevention and postvention training for many years as well as support to survivors. Elaine has extensive clinical and management experience in both inpatient and outpatient mental health settings.

With over 30 years of experience as a licensed clinical social worker, school guidance counselor, and adjunct college faculty, she has a great deal of expertise in early intervention for high-risk individuals, particularly in rural settings. As an emergency services clinician, Elaine actively intervenes with attempt survivors and their families. At the NH Police Academy she teaches officers to respond effectively and sensitively to a mental health crisis or suicide incident.

Elaine is certified as an Assessing and Managing Suicide Risk (AMSR) trainer for general and campus settings and serves as a member of the NH Disaster Behavioral Health Response Team.  Elaine has provided consultation and training in mental health and suicide prevention to communities and audiences throughout the United States.

In addition to Connect Suicide Prevention and Postvention, other trainings presented by Elaine include:

Building Your Partners’ Capacity to Collaborate: Skills, Relationships, and the Creation of Future Leaders in Suicide Prevention, presented at the SAMHSA Campus Grantee Meeting, Orlando, Florida; February, 2010

Promoting Wellness For Warriors, Veterans and Their Families, presented at the National Yellow Ribbon Conference, Orlando, Florida; September, 2010

Catalyst for Recovery: A Postvention Planning Process, Training and consultation provided to the Juneau Suicide Prevention Coalition,  Juneau, Alaska; November, 2010

Moving Away From Death and Towards Life: Examining The Practical, Social, and Cultural Issues Related to Lethal Means Restriction and Suicide Prevention, SAMHSA State and Tribal Grantee meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada; March, 2010, and AAS Annual Conference in Portland, Oregon; April , 2011

Working with Adults with Mental Illness: Counseling Skills for Non-Counselors, presented to health care and social service providers

Working with Consumers Coping with Mental Illness & Emotional Distress, presented to staff working in court systems

Calls Involving Persons with Mental Illness: Effective Strategies for Response, presented to officers in law enforcement and corrections

Mental Health in the Workplace, training for employers and managers to effectively promote mental health wellness, reduce stigma, and manage crisis in a work setting