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Testimonials for Connect Project's Suicide Prevention Training Program

“A big MAHALO for the wonderful training!!!  It was a great success.  The trainers put a lot of hard work and thought into the training, and I deeply appreciate their openness, flexibility, patience, and enthusiasm.  I am looking forward to continuing this fantastic partnership with Connect.”
- Jane J. Chung-Do, DrPH, Hawai'i's Caring Communities Initiative

"The Connect Training was so much more than we could have ever imagined! From the professionalism and expertise of the Connect staff, to the quality of the training and protocols, bringing Connect Postvention Training to Nova Scotia has increased our capacity for postvention so very much. We are certain that with the information and skills we have obtained from Connect we will be able to promote healing and prevention contagion here in Nova Scotia."
-Angela Davis, Manager, Communities Addressing Suicide Together, Canadian Mental Health Association - Nova Scotia Division

“Connect really understands the importance of working colloboratively with communities and getting everyone involved, not just focused on one agency or discipline.”
- James Gallanos, LCSW, Alaska DHSS, Juneau

“Connect taught me that collaboration (around suicide) would be really helpful ...  that we need to talk about suicide instead of hoping that it doesn’t happen in my village.  This was an empowering workshop…glad I came.”
- Tamara Roberts, Nikolai, Alaska

“You cannot shrink from this discussion…this suffering in silence will continue the rolling tide of suicide.  Connect training reinforced that we need to stop telling each other ‘not to talk’…the group needs it to prevent suicide contagion.”
- Lorraine Landers, Tanana Chiefs Conference, Fairbanks, Alaska

“Connect taught me what to do after a suicide. The main point for me was the difference between glorifying and acknowledging the person.  I’m so glad I learned that.  I feel comfortable going home and presenting Connect material in our community because it’s well laid out”.  
- Cesa Sam, Huslia, Alaska

Connect training “gives you a chance to talk to people you don’t work with on a daily basis…to see a scenario from a different perspective and use more intentionality about implementing a protocol.”
- Marty Boldin, LISC, LADC,  Director, City of Manchester NH, Office of Youth Services

“Train-the-trainer was wonderful –connecting with other professionals and watching them go through the process.  Sharing it allows us to work with each other faster and in a more intimate way.”
- Daron Friedman, LCMHC, Clinical Supervisor, Wediko Children’s Services, New Hampshire

“Connect’s system focus is effective…you need to bring the entire community together, speaking the same language.  Focus on prevention, intervention and postvention is a really good comprehensive model.”
- Colleen Carpenter, Suicide Prevention Coordinator, Indiana

“Connect helps people to talk about suicide.  It has to be brought out of the closet and talked about more.“
- Kathy Morgan, Nenana, Alaska

“Train-the-Trainer builds a sustainable Postvention Best Practice in order to reach larger numbers of people.”
- Paul Deignon, MSW, Coordinator, Disaster Behavioral Health Response Team, Concord, NH

“Connect is useful training because when a suicide happens, even if you are a competent professional, you feel so ill-equiped...I feel more confident to support someone in the event of a suicide.”  
- Maria Doyle, LICSW, NH Children’s Trust, Bethleham, New Hampshire

“Train the Trainer is a good balance of didactic, observation, practicing and watching others in a supportive environment.”
- Mark  Lindberg, PhD, Northern Human Services, Sugar Hill, New Hampshire

“We selected Connect training because it could be adapted to urban and rural areas of our state.  It was easily learned by our trainers and well-received.”
- Debbie Helms, Program Coordinator, Samaritans, Lawrence, Massachusetts

“Connect training gives you the chance to make a difference in someone's life, perhaps the ultimate difference. How can anyone pass that up?”  
- Ronaldo Pelchat, retired high school Social Studies teacher, Groveton, New Hampshire