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Testimonials for American Indian and Alaska Native Suicide Prevention Training

“ Connect taught me that collaboration (around suicide) would be really helpful ...  that we need to talk about suicide instead of hoping that it doesn’t happen in my village.  This was an empowering workshop…glad I came.”
- Tamara Roberts, Nikolai, Alaska

“You cannot shrink from this discussion…this suffering in silence will continue the rolling tide of suicide.  Connect training reinforced that we need to stop telling each other ‘not to talk’…the group needs it to prevent suicide contagion.”
- Lorraine Landers, Tanana Chiefs Conference, Fairbanks, Alaska

“Connect taught me what to do after a suicide. The main point for me was the difference between glorifying and acknowledging the person.  I’m so glad I learned that.  I feel comfortable going home and presenting Connect material in our community because it’s well laid out”.  
- Cesa Sam, Huslia, Alaska

 “Connect helps people to talk about suicide.  It has to be brought out of the closet and talked about more.”
- Kathy Morgan, Nenana, Alaska

“What I got from the training was about collaboration and the contagion part if a suicide does happen. I personally know a lot of people at risk right now that I can talk to, go into the schools and start talking about it.”
-Vera Weiser, Minto, AK

“Connect really understands the importance of working collaboratively with communities and getting everyone involved, not just focused on one agency or discipline.”
- James Gallanos, LCSW, Alaska DHSS, Juneau