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Suicide Prevention and Postvention Training for Emergency Room Staff

Suicide Prevention/Intervention

Hospital emergency rooms/departments are on the front lines of suicide prevention and intervention efforts and are responsible for saving the lives of many individuals at risk for suicide. Providers in those settings need to be well versed in suicide prevention for the purposes of triaging as well as identifying individuals at risk for suicide. While many emergency departments rely on mental health providers to conduct the actual risk assessment, it is essential that providers have knowledge of risk factors and warning signs for suicide.  Read more…



Suicide Postvention

Training is offered to hospital emergency rooms/department staff who respond to a death by suicide and can take an active role to help promote healing and reduce risk after a suicide (postvention). Since knowing someone who has died by suicide is one of the highest risk factors for suicide, postvention becomes an integral part of prevention efforts.  Read more…

Additional Resources

Report: Suicide Attempts and Suicide Deaths Subsequent to Discharge from an Emergency Department or an Inpatient Psychiatry Unit