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NH Suicide Prevention Conference Links and Handouts

Thank you for attending the 2020 Annual NH Suicide Prevention Conference. This page includes links and downloadable handouts for items mentioned at the conference. It is not intended to be a complete list of all available resources, nor should the inclusion of a resource on this list be seen as an endorsement of the item. If you have any items to contribute to this list, please contact

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Handouts and Workshop Materials (if available)

Opening Plenary

The Mental Health Spectrum – Craig Miller and Jenny Landon

Day One Workshop

Providers as Survivors – Facilitated by Ken Norton

The Risk of Social Isolation and Loneliness – Deadra Ashton and Bernie Seifert

How Culture Influences Prevention – Greg Williams

Evening Workshop for First Responders

Peer Support for First Responders – Seth Gahr and Mark Proulx

Day Two Workshop

Sudden Death Response and Connectedness: Promoting Healing in All Things Virtual and In-Person – Ann Duckless

Journey to Hope, Heart, and Healing – Facilitated by Kelley Caravona

Mindfulness for Self-Care – Karen Slick

Closing Plenary

Hope, Heart, and Healing Closing Moments

Conference Videos

Day One Introduction

Day Two Introduction

Messages of Hope

Pedaling for Prevention

Conference Break Highlights