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The New Hampshire Suicide Prevention Council (SPC)

The mission of the Suicide Prevention Council (SPC) is to reduce the incidence of suicide in NH by accomplishing the goals of the NH Suicide Prevention Plan:

Raise public and professional awareness of suicide prevention;
Address the mental health and substance abuse needs of all residents;
Address the needs of those affected by suicide; and
Promote policy change.

In 2008, the SPC was legislatively established and signed into law by Governor John Lynch. The SPC is required to report annually on its progress to both the Governor and the legislature, thereby assisting NH in sustaining the attention that suicide prevention efforts should receive given its impact on NH residents. The group meets 6 times per year.

Additional information about the SPC can be found here.

View the New Hampshire State Suicide Prevention Plan

NH State Suicide Prevention Conference Committee

The State Suicide Prevention Conference Committee meets monthly in Concord. For more information, or to attend these meetings, please contact Elaine deMello at

The Youth Suicide Prevention Assembly (YSPA)

The Youth Suicide Prevention Assembly (YSPA) is dedicated to reducing the occurrence of suicide and suicidal behaviors among New Hampshire’s youth between 10 and 24 years old. We will accomplish this through a coordinated approach to providing communities with current information regarding best practices in prevention and postvention strategies and by promoting youth safety in our communities and organizations.

YSPA Goals

Meets: 2nd Thursday of the Month
Time: 10:00 ~ 12:00 pm
Brown Building, DHHS, Concord
Contact: Elaine deMello or Elizabeth Fenner Lukaitis