The Connect Program

Specialized Training and Consultation Services for Suicide Prevention

Connect offers the following specialized trainings. Select from the topics below for more information.

Connect staff are available for consultation on a variety of topics, including:

  • Identifying and strengthening community risk and protective factors
  • Assessing community readiness
  • Bringing community members and resources together to build a safety net and promote healing
  • Implementing program activities and best practices
  • Creating sustainability of suicide prevention efforts

Connect staff are also available for conferences, presentations and keynotes on specialized topics. For more information on these presentations, please contact Connect at

Individuals who have had a loss from suicide, particularly a recent loss (such as within the past year), may find that a suicide prevention training evokes discomfort and/or feelings of regret. It is recommended that anyone who is impacted by a loss to suicide contact the instructor before attending the training to determine their readiness for prevention training and to discuss any alternative programs which may be more appropriate. Similarly, although Postvention training is focused on healing, the subject matter may be difficult for newer survivors. Survivors are encouraged to contact Connect staff in advance to discuss their readiness for participation.